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What Ibest duel fuel generators on the market fs The Best Generator Fuel?

A major consideration for any generator purchase is which fuel type or types would best meet the buyers’ power generation needs? Most home generators and portable generators are powered by unleaded gasoline, diesel, propane, or natural gas. Some generators, such as dual fuel generators and tri fuel generators, can be powered by two or all three fuel types. Read below to figure out which fuel types and generators may be right for you.




Unleaded Gas


Unleaded Gas is a great fuel option because of its wide availability. Just go to your local gas station, fill-up a 5-10 gallon container, and you are set. Unleaded gasoline is also portable which makes it a great option for those looking to be more mobile and portable with their generator. There is no large propane tank to contend with.

Briggs & Stratton 30469 6,000 Watt 342cc Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel KitDisadvantages

Unleaded gasoline is less efficient than natural gas or propane. Further, gas may not be readily available during power outages and disasters such as hurricanes, floods, tornados, and blizzards. Gas is also highly flammable and storing large quantities of fuel may be hazardous. Unleaded gas has a shelf life of about 1 year so long-term hoarding of gas is not a good solution.


Unleaded Gas is a reliable fuel source and is most often widely available. It maximizes portability of a generator. Be smart about how you store it and consider it a viable fuel option. See our article Best Small Gas Generators. See gas generators for sale.


Diesel Fuel


Diesel fuel is strong in areas where unleaded fuel lacks. Diesel fuel is the least flammable fuel source and is more easily obtained during natural disasters. Diesel generator engines are designed for high workloads and run more efficiently than generators designed to operate solely on unleaded gas.


Diesel powered generators are typically louder than generators powered by unleaded gas. Large storage tanks and local regulatory requirements can increase the installations costs, hassle, and maintenance of the generator system. Diesel powered generators are heavier and not as portable as most unleaded gas generators.

Finally, diesel engines emit more pollution and some states limit the number of hours per year a diesel engine may be run.


Diesel fuel generators are great for industrial use and in home use situations. They tend to be a little more expensive but are reliable and long lasting. See our Best Diesel Generators For Home review. See Diesel Generators For Sale.


Liquid Propane Gas

Advantagbest small propane generatorses

Propane is an outstanding fuel choice for generators. Engines run more quietly on propane, making it excellent for home use. Propane is a cleaner burning fuel than gasoline and is more emission compliant. Propane boasts a longer shelf life than unleaded gasoline and diesel. Propane is readily available during power outages and natural disasters when gasoline is often unable to be pumped.




Propane begins to derate at 20 degrees F and lower so it may not be the best choice in extreme cold (below zero temperatures). Propane is a more expensive fuel and propane generators can cost more to operate than an unleaded gas or diesel generator.


Propane is an excellent fuel for a more quiet and clean experience. It is readily available at most times and home delivery is even option. A great option for temperatures above 20 degrees F. See our Best Propane Generators For The Home review. See Propane Generators For Sale.


Natural Gas Generator

Kohler 14RESAL 14,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator with 100 Amp16-Circuit Automatic Transfer SwitchAdvantages

Natural Gas generators can be an excellent solution for the home. Natural gas offers an unlimited fuel supply to homes with natural gas. Natural gas engines run more quietly than unleaded or diesel generators.  Natural gas is readily available during a power outage as electricity is not required to pump or feed it to your home.


Natural gas generators may not be a good option for areas prone to earthquakes. Tremors may cause interruptions in natural gas feed. Natural gas generators are more expensive to run and natural gas is less efficient than unleaded or diesel.


Natural gas is a good fuel source for homes with natural gas feeds. Natural gas can offer an unlimited supply of generator fuel but may not be the best solution for earthquake prone areas. Just be sure to follow safety precautions to minimize risks. See here for our Best Natural Gas Generators For Home review.  See Natural Gas Generators For Sale.



Each fuel type has its advantages and disadvantages. Your situation will help determine the best fit for you. Why not consider a dual fuel generator or tri fuel generator to allow you to diversify your fueling capabilities? This ensures that you will always be able to find a fuel source for your generator and to use it in any situation at home or on a trip. In hot weather or cold weather.




Best Diesel Generator for the Home in 2014

Diesel generators can generate electrical energy throughout your home when you experience a power outage or need it for power tools or an air conditioning unit.  They generally last longer, use less fuel and are louder and more expensive than gasoline fueled engines.

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Expect to pay more for a good one, as there start to be more units for residential use coming onto the market all the time.

You can find the best diesel generator for the home online where there are a number rated by consumers who bought them. Here are some to consider.


Best Quiet Diesel Powered Generator

This All Power America APG 3202 Silent Diesel Powered Generator has an electrical starting system. It has a recoil backup starter. It has a 10 hp 4 stroke air cooled engine for added power.

There is an hour meter that helps avoid overloading and determine when you need to perform maintenance. There are several outlets including two 120 volts, one 12 volt DC, and one 120/240 volt twist lock. It runs at 5000 watts continuous and 6500 watts surge.

It comes with a wheel kit for easy mobility and it has handles. It can run up to 11 hours at half load and has a fuel capacity of four gallons. It runs quietly at 70 dba. It costs about $1700 online. It is non carb compliant and is not sold in the state of California.


Best Diesel Generator under $2000

Pro-Series GENSD7 7000 Peak Watt5500 Running Watt Diesel GeneratorThis Pro Series GENSD7 Diesel Generator runs at 5500 watts rated and 7000 watts peak. It has a 9 hp single phase 418cc two pole engine. It has several outlets including one 120/240 volt maximum output. It has a frequency of 60 Hz and it has a fuel capacity of four gallons.

This item costs about $1500 online and it considered one of the best diesel generator for the home. It has an automatic oil shut down to help protect the life of the engine. It is non carb compliant and is not sold in the state of California. It is EPA approved and the item includes a battery.

There is a self priming electrical starting system and a circuit protection along with a voltage meter. It can run for up to seven hours at full load and there is a fuel gauge to easily determine how much fuel is left.


Best Diesel Powered Portable Generator under $2500

Steele Products SP-GD650E 6,500 Watt 4-Cycle Diesel Powered Portable Generator With Electric StartThis Steele Products SPGD650E Diesel Powered Portable Generator has an electrical starting system and it earned 4 stars from Amazon reviewers making it one of the best diesel generator for the home. There is a 4 cycle 10 hp engine and it can run for up to 9.5 hours at half load.

It runs quietly at 70 dB and it comes with handles and four wheels for easy mobility. There is a four gallon fuel capacity and it costs about $2255 online.

It runs at 6500 watts starting and 5000 watts rated. It is non carb compliant and is not sold in the state of California.


All of these diesel generators are ideal to have around your home as they offer multiple features and can generate enough power throughout your home for lighting, power tools, and an air conditioning unit.

Analyze each unit to determine which one best fits your needs.

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