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With traditional portable generators there are a number of disadvantages when it comes to fuel, noise and weight which makes the so-called portable ones not very easy to maneuver. As residents in New Jersey found after Hurricane Sandy devastated the shoreline, gasoline can be in very short supply because it takes electricity to run the gas pumps. So, it’s little wonder that people are looking for alternatives to gas, diesel and propane generators.5000 Watt Solar Generator

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Enter the portable solar generator which operates off the power of the sun and provides electricity for various devices. A typical solar panel generator is fairly easy to set up and provides certain advantages that traditional power generators simply do not offer.

Portable Solar Generator Advantages

No Gas is No Problem: Solar generators run off sunlight and even on a cloudy day they can provide power for your needs. This means that they do not require gas, diesel or propane like traditional generators which means if you run out or do not have access to fuel, you’ll have no worries with the portable solar generator.

Zero Noise: Arguably the biggest issue when you are camping, tailgating or in the public is the noise a traditional power generator makes which can really upset those around you. A solar powered one does not create any noise which means that you can be comfortable running one wherever you are located. They are perfect for tailgating or anywhere that noise might be an issue.

Solar Generator For Apartments

Solar panel fits comfortably on apartment balcony


Well Suited for Apartments: Because of their small size, no noise or fuel, a solar generator is perfect for your apartment as it can provide emergency power when needed or extra power for gatherings and events. In fact, if you can set up the solar panels in a protected place, you may lower your electricity bill by running certain devices during the day off the solar generator. Check out our Best Generators For Home Backup review.


Solar generators also work for those without balconies










Clean Power: For those who are concerned about the environment, solar power generators are environmentally clean and sound. They do not pollute the surroundings and provide you with a little peace of mind as well.

As with any product you are best served when getting the top of the line portable solar generator units that are on the market today. Below are four of the best solar panel generator units that have proven to be very reliable in providing power when you need it.

Top Portable Solar Generators

Grape Solar GS-400-KIT: This particular solar panel generator is perfect for running lights, small pumps and portable electronic devices. This 400 Watt off-the-grid solar panel kit works wonders for RVs, boats, and other uses where clean power is needed. The kit itself is fairly easy to set up and once charged it will provide plenty of power for your devices while being almost maintenance free.Grape Solar

There is a 12 volt battery needed to accompany the generator which runs a 2,000 watt pure sine Xantrex inverter that provides for two outlets along with a USB port so that you canplug in small electronic devices. Another advantage is that the anodized aluminum frame and sealed junction box makes this generator weatherproof so it resists the elements.


Kisae 1800 watt solar generator

KISAE 40402: Both UI and CSA approved, this compact portable solar generator provides up to 1800 Watts and four AC outlets which is perfect for emergencies and when taking it out camping, tailgating and other events where electricity is needed. The KISAE itself is simple to use as set up only takes a few moments. However, what makes this particular unit exceptional is the ability to add auxiliary batteries or solar power units so that it can become a part of an overall system. You will need to purchase the solar panel separately, but you can choose from a wide variety of sizes which can fit your particular needs. In addition, there is 35’ of cabling included so that you can set up your solar panel where you need it with maximum flexibility.

In less than an hour you can set up and start using this particular generator which makes it easy, quick and with no electrician required a fast set up for your needs.

Offgridsolargenerators Portable Solar Generator: This particular unit is easy to operate and is perfect for apartments as it does not create any noise or use gas which is often against the rules. The generator itself uses a simple dolly and set-up is a breeze even with the larger solar panel. The 60amp per hour deep cycle battery is continually recharged by the sun which means that it will last for a very long time.

In addition, this 100 Watt solar panel offers 30’ of wire which means that you can set the panel up on the roof and run the generator from inside. This extra flexibility is what makes this one of the best solar panel generator products on the market today.

Renogy KIT-FIREFLY: The Renogy offers the instant advantage of being very portable and easy to use. The different outlets for different types of devices are very handy as it can charge an AC or USB appliance that is under 150W.  One of the niftiest aspects of this particular product is that is offers a LED flashlight on the side that is really handy and can be used as an emergency signal.


Portable Solar Generator

The Renogy KIT-FIREFLY is excellent for home and outdoor use

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It also helps that this product is waterproof at least against the elements so that you can use it shortly after the power goes out or pack it up due to an oncoming storm. This compact unit s designed for off-the-grid use which means it can be a permanent part of your home or used for tailgating and other events where portability is a must.

In the end, the solar panel generator you choose will be perfect for taking on trips or in emergency situations when you need power to cook food, provide electricity for much-needed devices and heat or cool your home. Be sure to only choose the best portable solar generator that fits your budget and needs for taking it out to events or keeping it at home for emergencies.

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