Generac QT02724ANAX Review

Generac QT02724ANAX Review, 5.0 out of 5 based on 1 rating
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This hands free operated generator works best in salt air locations. It is a fast acting automatic protection against power outages. It runs on clean burning natural gas and operates at low speeds to lower the noise level and prolong its life.

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This product is sold on Amazon for about $10,300 and has been available since July 2012. It comes with an owners manual and is carb compliant allowing it to be sold in the state of California.

Anyone wanting a large amount for power for their whole home while away or home, and then convenience of automatic start-up will be able to benefit from this.

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  • Corrosion resistant
  • Runs at a low noise level
  • Does not come with battery
  • Does not come with transfer switch

It has a 2.4 liter fuel tank and runs on liquid cooled propane or natural gas at 27,000 watts peak or 25,000 running wattage, and at half load it runs for about seven hours. An additional feature is the hour meter that monitors when service and maintenance is needed.

Other features include hands free operation for easier starting and operating the machine and an automatic shut off when oil or coolant is too high or low. The aluminum all weather enclosure protects the generator from any possible weather damage and means you don't have to pay for an additional outbuilding or shed to house it. This is highly rated for salty sea air locations.

This generator is quiet at 61 decibels at 23 feet and it operates at 1800rpm at half the speed that other generators operate at.

This product is recommended for its durability and reliability. Generac is a reliable brand name, and this standby generator is worthy to give peace of mind and protect your home during unexpected outages.

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