Generac 5846 XG8000E Review

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For those looking for a compact, powerful and reliable generator, the Generac 5846 XG8000E portable gas genset may fit the bill.  This is an easy to use, and relatively affordable name brand generator.

Generac 5846 XG8000E top rated Gas Generator sale on for just under $1800.

This is the right generator for you if you are looking for something powerful, reliable that has enough user-friendly features to make this a great backup generator for your home. It would be usable even while away, the wife can start it and run it. This equipment is durable and sturdy enough to use on the job site, if you need it there.

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The engine controls are easily found on the illuminated control panel. There is a lit power bar that monitors watts in use. These features along with the electric start mean that really virtually anyone can run this generator. The low-maintenance 410cc OHVI engine gives out a peak of 10,000 Watts with the running wattage of 8000 Watts. This is certainly enough to run most homes, and any power tools you need if you are going to be using it for work.

You can easily get a good 10 hours of running time at 50% load, when the 9 gallon tank is filled with gasoline. Having a decent time span like that means you are not having to worry about the generator going off while you are asleep, or in the middle of working. Steel tubing wraps the engine, and is part of a sturdy portability. The folding interlocking handles and the 9.5 inch diameter never-flat wheels mean that these units are simple to maneuver, getting you power exactly where you need it.

For maintenance on the engine, and the maintenance resets helps you keep track of time usage and makes sure oil changes are done on time. To protect the engine from damage and low oil, there is an automatic low oil shut down.

This is a well-reviewed, popular and reliable generator, either as a home backup unit or for other, more portable uses. When buying a Generac, you know the OHVI engine is specifically designed for long periods of use, and making maintenance easy.

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