Generac 5791 iX800 Review

Generac 5791 iX800 Review, 4.5 out of 5 based on 2 ratings
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This gas powered portable Generac 5791 iX800 generator is great for camping, recreational use, or for black outs. It can run sensitive electronics such as computers and DVD players. It is easy to maneuver and transport with a built in handle and will not disturb the neighbors with noise.

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This product can be found on Amazon for about $320. It comes with a two year warranty for residential use and one year for commercial. It is non carb compliant and is not sold in the state of California. It comes with various items such as oil, wrench, funnel, screwdriver, and an owner's manual.

Anyone wanting whisper quiet, perfectly safe clean power while boating, RVing, camping or travelling should consider this compact, lightweight genset.

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  • Lightweight at 28 pounds
  • Clean sinewave output for sensitive electronics
  • Non carb compliant

It has raw power that produces a conversion from DC to AC power through a converter module enabling it to be used for many power output modes and running all your electronics safely. The main feature is its ability to run on two different modes to be more fuel efficient such as the eco-mode or the high mode. An additional feature is the full enclosure for a a quieter operation.

Other features include its ability to run for 3.6 hours on 0.5 gallons of fuel on half load and it runs at 800 watts on economy and 850 watts at full power, so is just enough for a few small basics while trailering, camping or tailgating.

This product is recommended for its lightweight and easy maneuvering along with its economical price. And the fact it will not damage laptops, chargers, phones and TVs with power surges.

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