Best 6000 Watt Generator – Portable, Inverter, Gasoline, and Propane

Your genny could power your coffee maker during a fun camping trip or power your refrigerator in the aftermath of a terrible storm. No matter what you’re using it for, you want a generator which is tough, dependable and powerful. Good value is also very important. With all that in mind, we took a look at the most popular 6000 watt generators on the market today, and found the three best.

Our Testing Process:

We put these generators through a wide variety of trials. For portable generators, we pulled them through snow, over rocks, across wooden areas and the like. We also noted how quickly each generator started, attempting to start them “cold” a variety of times and determining the average number of pulls required. We compared their power output, fuel capacity and overall performance.

Here are our top picks:


Best Overall 6000 Watt Gas Generator

Westinghouse WH6000S Portable Generator

Six thousand watts is a lot of power, and naturally a 6000 watt generator is going to be relatively complicated to operate. Before powering devices, you have to account for surge wattage – tools and appliances need more starting watts than, say, a cell phone.

The WH6000S works for jobs of all sizes, both commercial and residential. The color-coded touch points make the interface understandable and easy to operate, even under less than ideal visibility conditions.



With a 7500 starting watts, the Westinghouse is able to handle many different devices, including space heaters, sump pumps, electrical ranges, security systems, home power tools and more. Obviously, not all of those items can run at the same time, but the WH6000S is suitable for heavy-duty construction projects.

It’s also a great choice for emergency preparedness. The stainless steel construction and fully enclosed electrical connections mean the device is safe to operate in harsh outdoor conditions, including hurricanes and blizzards.

The 6000 watt inverter generator comes with power cord (25 feet long, 10 gauge), oil, funnel, and operating instructions. Also included is a tool kit, which needs to be assembled. All tools needed for assembly are included. Finally, the generator comes with a wheel and handle, which also requires light assembly.

The unit weighs 179 pounds, has never-flat tires and dual folding travels. We found it easy to pull through mud, over rocks and in other rough conditions. Additionally, the Pulse-Flo muffler makes this one of the quietest 6000 watt generators we’ve ever heard.

Note that this generator is not CARB compliant, which means it can’t be sold in California.

Overall, however, we were very impressed with the high performance and relatively low price of the WH6000S. Online reviews were similarly favorable, with many reviewers telling personal stories about relying on the WH6000S in the aftermath of several recent hurricanes. Plus, Westinghouse is a trusted name in generators.



Best Portable 6000 Watt Generator

Briggs & Stratton 30469 6000-watt Gas Powered Portable Generator

Briggs & Stratton is another trusted name in generators, with sales and service in over 100 countries worldwide. We found the 30469 to be the top portable generator on the market. With a 1650 Series OHV 342cc engine, the generator produces 16.5 pounds of torque. Users report simultaneously powering a fridge, separate freezer, well pump, as well as assorted lights and other small devices.



The seven gallon tank allows for thirteen hours of operation at a 50% capacity. This is the standard unit of measure; 50% capacity is usually enough to power all of the necessities as well as a few extras in a standard household. The unit has an easy-to-read fuel gauge and hour meter. Engine oil, a quick start guide and a comprehensive owner’s manual are all included.

A portable generator needs to be lightweight and durable. At 193 pounds, with 10 inch, never-go-flat tires, we found it easy to take the unit across our terrain obstacle course.

Outlets are well-designed, with rubber outlet safety covers and circuit breaker protection. The generator includes four 120-volt outlets and one 120-240-volt 3-amp outlet.




Best 6000 Watt Propane Generator

Champion Power Equipment No.71330 LP/Propane Portable Generator

Not all generators run on gasoline. The Champion 71330 will run for about eight and half hours on a 20lb propane tank. Propane might be invisible, but it’s certainly powerful. As an example, the generator can run a TV, refrigerator, lights, a sump pump and a furnace fan.

The unit is designed to be easily portable. It’s 32.7” long by 26.9” wide by 25.5” high. At 193.6 pounds, with a durable frame include 10” never-flat wheels, the unit can easily go wherever you need. It’s able to withstand harsh weather.


The 71330 has two 120 volt DUPLEX outlets, one 120 volt Twist lock and one 120/240 volt Twist lock receptacle. The generator runs off a Champion 389c OHV engine in a cast iron sleeve.

The unit EPA/CARB certified. CARB is the California Energy Board, an environmental protection agency in California. When a device is certified as CARB compliant that means they emit levels of carbon dioxide low enough to be considered a health hazard. This isn’t just good for the environment, it’s good for your family if you plan to place the generator near your home or campsite.

Customer service is a Champion specialty. Users frequently commented on the service they received. Champion offers a two-year limited warranty, as well as a lifetime of free technical support. They have a tech line available twenty-four hours a day, as well as many service locations around the county.




An Important Note about Generator Storage

No matter what type of 6000 watt inverter generator you choose, you want to remember a few quick safety tips. Don’t leave gasoline in your generator for extended periods of time. A day or two is probably fine, but don’t go beyond that. Store your gasoline in an appropriate gas container, and keep the containers in an unattached garage or somewhere else away from your house which will be cool and dry. If you must keep gasoline in your generator, such as during a camping trip, your best bet is to add a stabilizer to your tank (available at most camping and automotive stores) in order to prevent corrosion.

Improper generator storage is the number one cause of generator damage, but a few simple techniques can really help your generator last.

Best Generators for the Money 2014

Generators are important to have especially if you happen to experience frequent power outages. They can generate enough power to keep your air conditioning and heating going as well as lighting.

Check out the best generators for your money, here

To find the best generators for the money, search online for consumer rankings and the amount you are willing to pay. Here are a few good selections.


Best Standby Generator on the Market

Kohler 14RESAL 14,000-Watt Air-Cooled Standby Generator with 100 Amp16-Circuit Automatic Transfer SwitchThis item – Kohler 14 RESAL Air Cooled Standby Generator Whole House comes with an automatic transfer switch. It has a fast response of 10 seconds when there is a power outage. There is an automatic start up when the power goes out. It has a quiet operation and has a frequency of 60Hz.

It comes with a five year warranty and a 2000 hour limited warranty on the battery. It has a 2.5 amp battery. There is a two line back lit LCD display that allows you to read it during the night and in the sun. It has an electronic speed control and a push button for on and off.

It comes with a polymer base that eliminates the need for a concrete base that will take time and extra money. Its construction has a hinged locking roof. It has a 100 percent corrosion proof enclosure. This item costs about $3,400 online and it is considered one of the best generators for the money with a rating of 5 stars from Amazon reviewers.

It runs on 14,000 watts surge and 12,000 watts continuous. It has 100 amps and a 16 circuit space load center with no circuit breakers included. This generator runs on a multi fuel system including propane or natural gas.


Best Portable Generator under $1000

DuroMax XP10000E 10,000 Watt 16 HP OHV 4-Cycle Gas Powered Portable Generator With Wheel Kit And Electric StartThis item comes with a wheel kit for easy portability and an electric recoil start to easily start the machine. The Duromax XP 10000E Gas Powered Portable Generator earned 4 stars from more than 115 Amazon reviewers and it costs about $999 online, making this one of the best generators for the money.

It is EPA approved and comes with a one year limited warranty. It has an automatic low oil sensor that will shut off the generator to prevent damage to the engine.

It comes with a 8.3 gallons and it run at 10,000 watts surge and 8,000 watts continuous. It has a 50 amp heavy duty outlet, a 30 amp twist lock, and 120 receptacles. This machine has an overload protection with dual 33amp breakers.

It has a 16 hp air cooled OHV engine for added strength. It is non carb compliant and is not sold in the state of California. Its frame is made of heavy duty steel for durability and it comes with 10.5 inch never go flat tires.


Top Rated Portable Generator under $1000

Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator, 7500 Running Watts9000 Starting WattsThis machine – Westinghouse WH7500E Portable Generator operated on 7,500 watts continuous and 9,000 watts surge. It comes with a three year limited warranty and it has a quiet operation. There is a 6.6 fuel capacity and it runs for up to 12 hours on half load.

Several items come with this generator including a funnel, oil, a tool kit, a handle kit, and a wheel kit. It has a cast iron fun guard that helps ensure that safety of the operation. It has a fully enclosed frame that protects its electrical connection and it has simplified control center. There is an LCD hour meter that lets you know when you need to perform maintenance.

It has 10 inch solid wheels that never go flat. It can run up to 12 hours on half load. It has a 4 stroke 420 cc OHV engine for added power. It s non carb compliant and is not sold in the state of California. It comes with 4 120 volts and one 120/240 volt twist outlets, This generator costs about $850 online, making this one of the best generators for the money. It received 4.5 stars from Amazon reviewers.


Best Portable Gas Powered Home Generator

Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Watt 15 HP 420cc OHV Portable Gas Powered Home Generator With Electric StartThis item has an electric start and can run up to 7 hours on 50 percent load. The Honeywell HW7500E 9375 Portable Gas Powered House Generator has an oversized muffler that keeps the level of noise down. It runs on 7,500 watts continuous and 9,375 watts maximum.

It has a color coded starting controls and ac outlets. It comes with a three year warranty and it is non carb compliant, not sold in the state of California. It has a 6.5 gallon fuel tank and comes with a cast iron sleeved engine.

There are never go flat wheels and a handle kit. It has a hassle free battery and several outlets including one 120 volt, four 15/20 amp, one L14-30 amp and 15 amp outlets. There is assembly needed for wheel and handle and it weighs about 210 pounds. It earned 4 stars from Amazon reviewers.


Best Portable Generator for the Money

Champion Power Equipment 41135 6,800 Watt 338cc 4-Stroke Gas Powered Portable Generator (CARB Compliant)This generator, the Champion Power Equipment 41135 Gas Powered Portable Generator is carb compliant and sold in all 50 states.

It costs about $700 online and earned 4.5 stars from Amazon reviewers, making this one of the best generators for the money.

It has a low oil sensor and an overload protection to help prevent damage to the machine. It comes with a two year limited warranty. It runs for up to 11 hours at 50 percent load. It comes with a Champion 338cc OHV engine and it has a cast iron sleeve for added protection. It has an easy pull recoil start and 8 inch wheels. It runs at 6,800 watts.


All of these make great choices for the best generators for the money as they have multiple features and capabilities with accessories for a reasonable price.

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